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يقولون أن أبسط الأشياء هي التي تغيب عن أذهاننا، وأننا معاشر البشر نميل عندما نندمج مع هدف في حياتنا وننجرف مع الأحداث، أن ننسى أبسط الأساسيات، ومن ضمنها نصيحة جاءت في سياق كتاب The $100 Startup وتقول:

“Remember that the goal of business is profit. It’s not being liked, or having a huge social media presence, or having amazing products that nobody buys. It is not having a beautiful website, or perfectly crafted email newsletters, or an incredibly popular blog. In larger businesses, this is called accountability to shareholders. Business is not a popularity contest. The CEO doesn’t get away with saying, “But look at all these people who like us on Facebook!” Shareholders will not accept that. You are the majority shareholder in your business, and you have to protect your investment. You have to make sure that your recurring activities are as directly tied to making money as possible. There’s nothing wrong with having a hobby, but if you want to call it a business, you have to make money.” اقرأ المزيد